Meditative Crystal Ball Readings

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I am Jonathan. I give a variety of readings within my crystal ball if anyone is interested. I have been doing it for a while and can help anyone with a variety of problems be it health, relationship problems, dream interpretations, loved ones who have passed on/ancestors etc., and life in general or any other questions you may have. I can help find lost items, but please bring a picture of the object so I can manifest its energy.Bear in mind that I'm not a psychic, nor do I claim to be, but I have been able to do several readings. My readings involve going into a meditative trance using third eye chakra meditation energy and incorporate anything the client has asked, much like "cause and effect". I can see images and visions in the ball, but they are deliberately vague and only last for a few seconds. I then proceed to give practical advice on how to fix or prevent the problem, or advise a proper course of action. Quite a rational approach to crystal gazing/scrying! If you are interested please in a reading, please let me know. I'm here if you need my help. I'm also available on Skype and Facetime! My Skype is: sirjolinthebrave

NOTE: I can only take one client at a time can also do third-party readings, but too many people at once will overwhelm my third eye energy.To add, I am mildly disabled so any customers/clients will have to come over to my place in order to have a reading.

Remember. . . "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves" -Terminator (1984)

Price per session: $250
I'm also open to bartering items as payment if you don't have the cash or cheque.
Please tell me where you live (or a rough vicinity) and send me a picture of what you look like.

Hours: 10 am-11 pm Monday-Saturday
Meditative Crystal Ball Readings

Meditative Crystal Ball Readings

Price: $250.00
Meditative Crystal Ball Readings